Red AUTOSAR state of the art

● 15 years after first AUTOSAR standard release, proper MDD development support is still missing.

● Available tools supports only parts of development process (i.e. AUTOSAR Authoring or M1 level configuration).

● Many AUTOSAR features are still not supported by any tool (i.e. documentation).


 Red MaximumAutosar goals

● Maximum of AUTOSAR features available.

● Mixing of all 4.x versions in one project.

● Full MDD support for SwC development (design in UML, .arxml creation, code generation, documentation, …).

● Comfortable usage, also for MDD newbies

● Only AUTOSAR relevant options presented to developer.

● AUTOSAR Profiles fully generated from metamodel.


Red First approach

● Use standard Enterprise Architect features and Automation API (similar to LieberLieber).

● Simply generate AUTOSAR UML profiles from metamodels. 

● Let’s EA do almost everything. 



Red Reasons of the fail - EA

● EA is not able to properly handle many of required features with it’s standard API.

– Cannot ensure needed parent-child relations.
– Cannot handle type/role grouping.
– Cannot avoid displaying unimportant data.
– Insufficient API.
– Many errors and limitations to workaround.


Red Reasons of the fail - AUTOSAR

● Metamodel transformation is very complicated.

● Metamodels and transformation documentation contain errors.

● Apparently no one did it before (even ARTop seems to be written manually).


Red Second approach

● Create own EA controls for AUTOSAR project tree and properties of AUTOSAR objects.

● Cache model in memory to get fast response times.

● Disable EA functionality not related to AUTOSAR development (if possible).

● Do metamodel transformation exactly like described in AUTOSAR Specification.


Red Current development state (15.07.2019)

● .arxml import and export working (1 known error).

● Creating/editing AUTOSAR elements working.

● AUTOSAR diagram creation basically working.

● Merge Tool missing (under construction).

● Some comfort features and GUI improvement needed.

● Development Drops released every week.

Red Vision

● First stage – Autosar Authoring Tool with UML2 support - ready in October 2019.

● It’s only a start. Next plans:
– C code generation, also for statecharts.
– Support for AUTOSAR documentation features.
– Support for whole AUTOSAR development patterns.
– Graphical BswM rules development.
– Many, many more.