MAXAR2 - Model Driven Development for AUTOSAR projects

Key features of MAXAR2:

  • Plugin for Enterprise Architect  version 14.0 and later.
  • Model Driven Development for AUTOSAR Classic v.4.x projects.
  • An AUTOSAR Authoring Tool, according to AUTOSAR terminology.
  • AUTOSAR Classic versions, from 4.0 to 4.4.0 supported.
  • Any arxml file can be imported, created, edited, and exported.
  • Different versions of an arxml file can be compared and merged by content, using an integrated tool.
  • AUTOSAR objects can be used in any kind of UML2 diagram.
  • RunnableEntitys and remaining code can be designed and implemented in the model, and its C files generated.

MAXAR2 advantages:

  • Creating model, arxml files, C code and documentation in one, single tool.
  • Easy comparing and merging of arxml files with a tool, that understands the structure (not only by text compare).

Unique AUTOSAR handling features

  • Each arxml file in the model is handled according to its own AUTOSAR version.
  • Objects in AUTOSAR object tree are grouped by role or by type.
  • AUTOSAR Lifetime Status of all elements is shown
  • AUTOSAR objects linked in model with actual, modeled C code.

Hardware/software requirements

  • PC computer with at least 4 GB RAM, 2 core processor, HDD, Internet access
  • Microsoft Windows (32- or 64-bit version)
  • Enterprise Architect version 14.0 or later, at least Professional Edition
  • Plugin can be evaluated by using the trial edition of Enterprise Architect (but not with the free EA Lite version)